Grapes "Alexa": features of the variety and planting rules

Grapes "Alexa": features of the variety and planting rules

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Grapes "Alexa" is a new variety of complex European-American hybrid, which belongs to the table varieties that are in demand among consumers.

Selection history

The hybrid form of grapes of early-medium ripening period "Aleksa" was bred at VNIIViV im. ME AND. Potapenko. The combination for crossing was grape varieties "Biruinets" and "Delight". Currently, the variety is undergoing state variety testing under the name "In Memory of Kostrikin" (the working name of the variety is "VI-3-3-8").

Grade characteristics

Long-term selection allows to obtain not only frost-resistant, but also high-yielding varieties. One of these is the Aleksa grape variety, suitable for cultivation in the southwestern and northern regions.

Grapes "Alexa": variety description

Biological description

The bushes of this grape variety look very peculiar and are characterized by a wide open apical part of young shoots with yellow-green staining. Shoots ripen by almost 60%. The number of fruitful shoots does not exceed 70%.

The leaves are characterized by large sizes, strong dissection, slight pubescence, pentagonal and five-lobed shape. The upper part of the leaf plate has a dark green color, the lower part is somewhat lighter and is characterized by pubescence of a weblike type. Veins of a leaf of light green color. The edging of the leaves is represented by medium-sized sharp denticles.

Bisexual flowers. Bunches have a cylindrical shape and are characterized by very large sizes. The average weight of one cluster can vary from 0.7 to 1 kg. Quite often, subject to agricultural technology, grape brushes reach a weight of 1.8 kg. Cluster density is moderate.

Technical specifications

Berries of white color, very large sizes: 32 x 26 mm. The average weight of the berry can vary from 10 to 15 g. The shape is oval. Ripened berries have fleshy flesh with sufficient density and good sugar accumulation. Sugar content of grapes is up to 20% with an acidity of not more than 6%. Taste indicators on a tasting scale are estimated at 8.2 points. The taste is fresh and harmonious.

Advantages and disadvantages

The qualitative characteristics stated in the description of the variety suggest the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • the form is resistant to mildew by 2.5 points, to oidium by 3.5 points, to gray berry rot by 1 point;
  • characterized by sufficient resistance to root phylloxera, which is estimated at 3.5 points, and to leaf phylloxera - 1.5 points;
  • possesses an extremely high level of transportability of ripe berries;
  • differs in the possibility of long-term preservation of berry brushes on grape bushes without loss of marketable and consumer quality characteristics of the crop;
  • frost resistance up to -25 ˚С;
  • grapes are practically not affected by wasps.

The hybrid form of "Alex" is in demand as grapes for sale. With proper storage, the consumer qualities of grapes do not decline at all over time.

Landing and care

Grape varieties "Alexa" can be grown both in the southern regions in the open ground, and in the northern regions as a cover crop. To obtain a plentiful harvest, the basic conditions for planting and growing should be observed:

  • preference should be given to areas located on a hill and having good drainage;
  • before planting, it is necessary to check the level of the location of groundwater and, if necessary, increase the drainage layer in the landing pit;
  • the standard distance between seedlings of this variety is at least 2 m, which is due to the presence of deeply penetrating root systems in the seedlings and the strong growth of bushes;
  • the optimal layout for landing is 3 mx 0.75 m;
  • the load on each bush should not exceed 40 shoots, the optimal number of shoots is about 30;
  • pruning of the vine, it is advisable to carry out 6 or 8 eyes.

The best fruiting is characterized by grafted crops. Care for grapes "Alexa" consists in the timely conduct of irrigation, loosening the soil and the introduction of complex fertilizers.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of Kodryanka grapes, which were described in one of our previous publications.

Gardeners reviews

Variety "Alexa" at the moment is not yet widespread among winegrowers. However, most amateur gardeners already cultivating it speak only positively of this new hybrid form. According to their observations, the berries on the vine always ripen very large and heavy. They have a beautiful color and almost cylindrical shape, have a good consistency and excellent taste.

Grapes "Alexa": growing

The grape growers consider the lack of the need to standardize yields a big plus. Grape bushes are practically not prone to overload. It is noted that the “Alex” form in its own root version is somewhat weak and, when issuing huge grape brushes in size to the plant, the growth force for a full filling of berries may not be enough. In general, the variety is characterized as quite promising and worthy of the closest attention of both beginners and experienced growers in our country.