Instructions for use of the poison Executioner from the Colorado potato beetle

Instructions for use of the poison Executioner from the Colorado potato beetle

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Recently, gardeners are increasingly faced with the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle. This dangerous pest used to be found only in the southern regions, but now its area of ​​distribution has expanded. Summer residents use all known methods in the fight against the beetle, including folk remedies. However, they achieve the greatest effect when using the special preparation Executioner. The chemical remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Executioner helps to effectively fight the pest and, if used correctly, is safe for humans.

If you do not take timely measures, the Colorado potato beetle destroys most of the crop. The executioner is characterized by the fact that it can be used at any stage of crop cultivation.

Description of the drug

The drug Executioner is sold in ampoules. Each ampoule contains white-gray granules that dissolve in water. The package contains five ampoules weighing 2 g each. The package is easy to recognize by the frightening picture - the ax kills the Colorado potato beetle. This effective pest control is a third generation product.

The drugs that are used in the fight against garden pests are divided into three groups depending on the method of exposure:

  • Contact - insects die when any part of the body comes into contact with the drug.
  • Systemic - insects die when they eat a plant poisoned by the poison of the drug.
  • Intestinal - kill pests if they enter the intestines along with food.

The executioner belongs to the combined means. The drug has a simultaneous contact, systemic and intestinal action, which greatly increases its effectiveness in comparison with other drugs.

The executioner not only kills garden pests, but also prevents the appearance of late blight and macrosporiosis on potato bushes. Also, the drug has excellent fungicidal properties that accelerate the growth of tubers.

Chemical composition

Each component in the composition of the drug actively acts on the problem. Thiamethoxam penetrates into plants. Insects eat leaves and twigs saturated with a poisonous substance, and soon die. This substance effectively destroys pests that settle on the underside of leaves in whole colonies.

Poteitin prevents the accumulation of poisons in potato tubers and reduces the harmful effects of other components. In addition, it enhances the plant's immunity and its resistance to weather anomalies.

Operating principle

The Colorado potato beetle has several developmental stages. The executioner acts in a complex way and helps to get rid of insects at any stage. It is effective against both larvae and adults.

The drug, together with the poisoned part of the plant, enters the digestive tract of the insect, causing it to malfunction. Then his nervous and respiratory systems are affected. Paralysis sets in, and the blockage of breathing leads to the death of the pest.

The effectiveness of the product remains in all weather conditions. The executioner is afraid of neither wind nor rain.

Instructions for use

The executioner from the Colorado potato beetle can be used after the appearance of pests on the bushes, and for prevention. It is not difficult to prepare the remedy. To process potato bushes, carefully pour the contents of 1 ampoule into a bucket of water, mix thoroughly. The dosage is the same for the destruction of larvae and adults.

The solution prepared in this way is enough to process 100 square meters. The solution cannot be stored, it must be used immediately after preparation.

The protective effect of the drug lasts for a month, which is beneficial for gardeners. Do not exceed the recommended dose of the drug or increase the frequency of treatments. This negatively affects the plants and the quality of tubers. In addition, it harms the health of the person himself.


When using the Executioner against the Colorado potato beetle, you cannot neglect the instructions for its use. To avoid burns or allergic reactions, during the treatment of the site, you must wear a special gown, gloves, a hat, use a respirator and goggles.

Processing time should not exceed 60 minutes. The longer a person sprays a culture with a product, the higher the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Do not allow the product to come into contact with the eyes, skin or mucous membranes of the mouth and nose. If this happens, you should immediately rinse the skin with running water and consult a doctor.

After finishing the treatment, all clothes are washed, the face and hands are thoroughly washed. It is best to shower with laundry soap. The container and the tools that were used in this case are washed and put away in a place inaccessible to children and animals.

Store the drug in a dark and dry place, away from food. After the expiration date, it cannot be used. Both the expired and the product remaining after application must be disposed of by tearing out a hole in the wasteland for this.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Compared to other means, the Executioner has the following advantages:

  • quick results in any weather;
  • the same efficiency in the destruction of larvae and an adult insect;
  • lack of phytotoxicity;
  • effectiveness against other pests: aphids, cicadas, ticks, whiteflies;
  • increasing the immunity and resistance of the plant to various diseases;
  • low price.

To some drugs, pests develop strong immunity, and they lose susceptibility to poison. This happens as a result of the constant use of the same remedy. However, insects do not become addicted to the hangman poison, and this is another plus.

The disadvantage of this product is its increased toxicity to bees. The poison of the drug kills bees, so it is prohibited to use it near apiaries.


Among the many pesticides, summer residents prefer the Executioner insecticide. They note its high efficiency, which allows you to quickly get rid of pests. Gardeners choose this tool because, unlike others (the Punisher and others), it destroys beetles in just one treatment.

The advantage of the drug is its universal application: it can process not only potato bushes, but also tomatoes, eggplants, fruit trees, flowers.

Some other chemicals have a detrimental effect not only on insects, but also on the plant itself. After spraying them, burns appear on the leaves, the growth of bushes slows down. The executioner is harmless to plants, it stimulates their growth, increases immunity to diseases.

Gardeners also note the ease of preparation and spraying the solution.and.

Every gardener is familiar with the striped Colorado potato beetle. This voracious insect can destroy the entire crop of potatoes and other crops. The drug Executioner will help to preserve every bush on the site without much effort and danger to health.

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