Instructions for use and consumption rate of herbicide Panther

Instructions for use and consumption rate of herbicide Panther

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Weeds are an eternal problem for all summer residents and farmers. Everyone fights with them, as they can and wants, but often these actions do not bring the desired effect. To permanently get rid of cereal weeds, it is recommended to use the Panther herbicide. We will tell you about its properties and rules of use, as well as compatibility with other drugs below.

Composition and release form of herbicide Panther

Produced by the manufacturer in the form of an emulsion, which can be easily diluted with water, used for domestic and industrial purposes. The substance is packaged in plastic containers with a volume of 5 liters and bottles of 100 ml.

The active ingredient is quizalofop-P-tefuril. Each liter of herbicide contains 40 grams of active ingredient. As additional components, additives are used that improve adhesion to plants.

Panther is a low toxicity chemical with a minimum application rate per hectare. Once in the ground, it does not accumulate and after 7 hours after spraying it breaks down into non-toxic components.

It has a third hazard class, therefore it requires compliance with the necessary transportation rules.

Positive and negative sides

The panther is in great demand because:

  • well destroys weeds belonging to the cereal family;
  • takes effect one hour after spraying;
  • quickly affects the root of the weed, preventing its vegetative reproduction;
  • weeds cannot develop "immunity" against it, so the same areas can be treated with herbicide repeatedly;
  • it adheres reliably to weeds, it is not washed away by rains;
  • the development of cultivated plants does not affect its use;
  • sold in a container that is convenient to use.

The panther will not cope with mold and microscopic fungi, will not be able to infect dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous weeds. The tool has a narrow spectrum of action, therefore it is effective only in the fight against cereal weeds. This is its main disadvantage.

How the drug works

Once on a plant, the Panther begins to penetrate its tissues, spreads through it and inhibits its subsequent development. Its growth stops immediately after contact with the herbicide, and the full result of spraying is visible already on the fourth day. The weeds die off completely within three weeks after the procedure.

The substance suppresses cereal weeds. It only acts on plants that have already grown at the time of spraying. Therefore, if necessary, the procedure must be repeated.

Calculation of the consumption of funds from weeds

The consumption rate of the herbicide solution is 400 liters per hectare. To process one hundred square meters, you need to dilute 10 g of the substance in 10 liters of water, mix well and spray the beds with vegetable and root crops with the resulting solution. The leaves of the plant must be completely moistened.

Important! It is forbidden to increase the recommended dosage, as this can negatively affect the growth and yield of cultivated plants.

How to prepare a working solution

The success of its application depends on the correct preparation of the working solution, therefore you need:

  1. Fill the sprayer tank halfway with water, slowly add the required amount of herbicide and mix everything thoroughly so that it is completely dissolved.
  2. Rinse the container in which the herbicide was diluted with water and pour into the tank.
  3. Add the missing amount of water to the tank, mix and tighten the cap thoroughly.

It is better to use boom sprayers during the treatment, as they better distribute the chemical to the plants.

Conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the procedure:

  • you need to process weeds that are in the phase of two true leaves;
  • there should be a lot of weeds;
  • optimal weather conditions (calm cloudy day, evening or morning time).

Instructions for the use of the herbicide

For convenience, we offer a clear guide to use.

CultureWeed speciesTime of processingDosageNumber of treatmentsDuration of action of the herbicide
Potatoes, tomatoes, beets, onions, cucumbers, cabbage, rapeseed, sunflowerAnnual cerealsAt the 4-leaf phase0.07-0.1 ml per 1 m²

1 time

45-60 days

Perennial cereals

When the plants have reached a height of 15 cm

0.1-0.15 ml per 1 m²

Safety requirements for work

Safe use of the Panther involves:

  1. Preliminary careful study of the attached instructions.
  2. Mandatory use of personal protective equipment.
  3. Avoiding nicotine, food and water while working.
  4. Spraying at the right time under optimal weather conditions.

The procedure cannot be carried out by minors, people with contraindications for health reasons, pregnant and lactating women.

Compatibility with other substances

Panther works well with many herbicides designed to kill dicotyledonous weeds. The exception is drugs with an alkaline reaction. If it is necessary to mix different herbicides, it is recommended to check their compatibility: both substances are mixed in a small amount in water. The absence of sediment confirms that they interact well.

Practice proves that Panther can be mixed with herbicides:

  1. Lorgnette.
  2. Betaren.
  3. Caribou.
  4. Mitron.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The manufacturer claims that the Panther retains its core capabilities for three years from the date of manufacture. The product is best stored indoors at + 5-25 degrees. It is recommended to shake well the herbicide immediately before use.

Herbicide analogs

In addition to the Panther, you can use to kill weeds:

  1. Greenfort.
  2. Lemur.
  3. Fusilade forte.
  4. Antipyre.
  5. Arista.

These herbicides are analogous to the Panther. They immediately begin to destroy weeds without negatively affecting cultivated plants.


By following the tips for practical use of the Panther, you can easily destroy annual and perennial weeds and get a good harvest.

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